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SFS Security Fire Systems has expertise in all aspects of fire protection including

Dry and Wet, Deluge, Pre-Action and Special Hazard Systems. Our services include:

System Design


Automatic Fire Sprinkler Design Services

SFS Security Fire Systems offers an expert level design and collaboration approach.

Using the latest and most advanced 3Dimensional software, SFS translates building plans and specifications into active models to ensure that the fire protection system work seamlessly with all electrical, HVAC, mechanical architectural, and structural requirements. 


This design accuracy equates to precision installation, increased visual aesthetics, and - without compromising building codes or life safety. 


BIM Coordination 


SFS Uses the latest and most advance software for 3D/BIM coordination. SFS can collaborate on several different platforms of the customers choosing.

System Installation

Fire Sprinkler System Installation

SFS Security Fire System's sprinkler design expertise often results in ease of installation through a three-part prcoess of precision fabrication, sequential delivery and systematic installation. 

SFS's installation crews are seasoned professionals, with years of commercial fire protection installation service in varying types of buildings and design specifications.

All field crews are managed by SFS' experienced field operations managers and crews are scalable to project size and complexity.

SFS can install it all- 

  • Wet, Dry, and Pre-action systems

  • Special Hazard and Clean Agent systems

  • Foam systems including High X and AFFF

  • Standpipes, wet, dry, automatic, and manual 

  • Fire pumps, electric and diesel

  • Underground fire lines and vaults 


System Testing & Maintenance


System Testing, Maintenance & Service

All new fire protection systems are thoroughly tested to ensure proper functioning and meeting of fire protection standards. 

SFS Security Fire Systems also offers:

  • Annual Fire Protection Inspections

  • Insurance Inspections

  • Backflow Testing

  • Component Maintenance and System Repairs

  • Fire Pump Testing

Fire Alarms & Emergency Response

Fire Alarm Systems & 24/7 Emergency Response

SFS Security Fire Systems designs, installs and tests fire alarm systems to ensure life safety and property protection.


SFS also provides 24/7 emergency response. within the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex, Little Rock, and Austin areas.

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