Religous facilities - from houses of worship through community centers - often have unique features such as large open spaces, soaring roofs, or architecture from the last century that must be preserved when upgrading sprinkler systems. SFS Security Fire Systems has been privledged to work with many of North Texas' premier religious facilities.

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No Dallas Community Bible Fellowship
North Dallas Community Bible Fellowship, Plano, TX; 72,800 SF featuring "Epic Deck" roofing system
Highland Park Presbyterian Church
Highland Park Presbyterian Church, University Part, TX; 126 year old wooden structure - fire protection system retrofit from basement through attic.
Life Point Church
Life Point Church, Plano, TX
Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship
Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Christian Education Center, Oak Cliff, TX;
Church of Latter-Day Saints
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Temple, Dallas, TX; fire protection design and installation of new meeting facility.
Crossroads Children Center
Crossroads Childrens' Ministry Center, Grand Prairie, TX; 70,000 SF
First United Methodist Church
First United Methodist Church Sanctuary and Ministry Center, Coppell, TX; fire protection system throughout the Sanctuary and Youth building.
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